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Hello Peeps, first of all we want to thank those who have already contacted us, we know very well there are many people around with desire to do and with something to say. If you come to us surely you don’t lack curiosity.

We present to you synthetically the FLOYD UNIT:
We are a small company of European music underground scene on startup; which will do his debut with his first release of the artist IAN RUSSO. In 2008, year of birth of the collective, we were organizing mainly small events, private parties in the south of Italy and were producing techno and house music released on  several underground labels and distributed throughout the world (including Ex Bitch of our SINC on LOVEPARADE2010

Done the necessary presentations we would like to tell you about the person we are looking for.
We are looking for a designer with an artistic vein accentuated, careful to both the communication to the technical and aesthetic quality of his (her) works, so as to be able to entrust to him (her), safely, every aspect of the graphics and the image of our Label; so a reliable person, skilled and humble, who works with enthusiasm, who is willing to learn and grow with us. These are the reasons for which we decided to organize this contest with the subject “Restyling of our LOGO”; If you think you are who we’re looking for, if you would like to be him(her) or you simply want to get involved, participate and send us your creation.

In order to grab the target (area of ​​interest and style) it seems opportune to give you some adds that will earn “extra points” to those who will be able to interpret them.
– Who are we talking? our “customer” is usually a DJ or lover of the nightlife and in some cases him(her) is definitely a collector as well as being a fan of electronic music, cosmopolitan, traveler and careful to details.
– About Us? We are an Independent label which will propose his music on vinyl supports and digital format, distributed worldwide.
– What kind of music do we do? Club Music, Techno Music, Electronic Underground.
– What FLOYD UNIT means? We like to intend it as a “Fluid Unit”  simply takes part of its name from the British band Pink Floyd’ “evangelists” of psychedelia. This is to underline the roots of the founder Gianluca Lorusso which has as its “vision” a group of artists, promoters, employees  “United and Fluids ” (united by their passion for what they do and whitout  afraid of change; A Solid and Effective Crew. Of course, we don’t think that a logo could represent all of these things but we think will be an incentive for your creativity and to do a job as most pertinent to the purpose.

The current logo approximate is  a black planet with our initials: a different music planet with dark & deep outlines (

Who, among you, will make the best logo (we will evaluate with care and respect all the works we receive) will be tasked with preparing the artwork of the release and graphics for vinyl label; and later all the works which will be needed.

We Like to clarify that who will be part of the crew will do as a freelance and then he(she) carry out the task in autonomously; the fees will be agreed upon when the work will be required and will be commensurate with the various types of graphics which demand the respect of deadlines communicated to you. Last date (already extended) to deliver the material will be August 25 (six weeks seem to us _ largely sufficient time to give vent to your pens, pencils or mouse).

Sent on Material: with the subject LOGO CONTEST.

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