Giulio Maresca
Giulio Maresca

Giulio Maresca born in mid 80′ started is journey in music as Sound engineer, dj, live

performer, electronic music producer. He got interested in electronic music going often to

Remix music shop in Rome where he learned djing and discovered techno music. In 2008

starts two new projects, Ableton trainer and Ipologica Recordings with Fabio Sestili.

From september 2013 is dj resident at Container in Rome.

His productions are various, the love for the music all brought Giulio exploring all genres

in electronic music but now his research is focused on a wide techno sound without limits.

He released on label such Biorecordings, Naked Lunch, Labrynth, M_Rec Digital,

Resiliens, Crs, and many more.


Selected Discography:


LHCS 002 ­ Little Hill Compact

HW Series ­ Monolith Rec

Harsh Enviroment Ep ­ Resiliens Recordings

VA 0.5 Series Vol.3 ­ Enchanted Forest ­ CRS

ANG#31 ­ ANG Records

Hypnotic Stairs Ep ­ Ipologica Recordings

CRS//12 (with VSK) ­ CRS

Looking Back Ep ­ M_Grey

The Two Jumpers Ep (with Gusto) ­ Ipologica Recordings

IPO//17 ­ Ipologica Recordings

ANG 8 ­ ANG Records

1984 Ep ­ M_Rec Digital



Fabio Scalabroni ­ Look Beyond (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Biorecordings 12″

MNJ ­ Dusty Case (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Floyd Unit Records

Jordan Louis ­ Paz (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Benthic

Gale Talk, Andrea Suglia ­ Froma Bari to Madrid (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Toffler Music

Kill Ref ­ Scadenza (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Labrynth

Mechanique ­ Tosi hauska (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Hype Muzik

Korova ­ Martello (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ M_Rec Digital

Korova ­ Incudine (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ M_Rec Digital

Gabe DM ­ Brides in Line (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ NBG

Gianluca Angelini ­ Digitalis Purpurea (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ CRS

Synth Alien ­ Cosmic Light (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Le Galassie di Seyfert

Emilio Carrara ­ Lofted (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Cannibald

Conrad Van Orton ­ Here You Are (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ CRS

Fabio Sestili ­ RQ2 (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ CRS

Alfred MC ­ Southside (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Labelcode

A.Paul ­ Scams (Giulio Maresca Remix) ­ Naked Lunch